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Contemporary Baroque Art


"Donley finds illumination...in the shadowy depths of both the old master past and the human mind."

- American Arts Quarterly

About the Artist

Ray Donley's figurative paintings, which have grown out of his deep interest in Baroque portraiture, have attracted an intense international cult following (with collectors like Johnny Depp and the late director Alan Parker).  Since 1981 he has been featured in over 50 solo exhibitions in Europe and in the U.S. His work has also been featured at major art fairs in New York, London, Houston, Miami, Toronto, Boston, and Los Angeles.  He and his wife Sharon live in Austin, Texas.



Screaming Pope (in memory of Francis Bacon), 24" x 24," o/c, 2009
Figure with Lute, 40" x 36," o/c, 2013
Baroque Portrait No. 82, 12" x 10," o/c, 2016
The Tin Whistler, 20" x 16," o/c, 2012
Odette in Black, 20" x 16," o/c, 2019
"I Cried for Stronger Wine and Madder Music," 48" x 48," o/c, 2013
Giovane Donna con Fiasco, 48" x 40," o/c, 2012
The Unanswered Question, 32" x 32," o/c, 2015
A Moment Like This, 40" x 36," o/c, 2013
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Prints and Drawings

Mummy, 8" x 8," black chalk, 2001
Untitled (No. 112), 10" x 8," mixed media, 2001
Wednesday Mourning with Knife, 12" x 9," mixed media, 2005
Untitled No. 310 (Venus), 8" x 8," mixed media, 2004
Figure with Mask and Lute, 8" x 8," red chalk, 2005
The Sleepwalker (after Courbet), 10" x 6," mixed media, 2001
Untitled (Ritual), 9" x 12," mixed media, 2012
Boy with Cap, 8" x 8," black chalk, 2010
Figure No. 222, 12" x 8," mixed media, 2001
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All images copyright Ray Donley 2019.

    Giovane Donna con Fiasco, 48" x 40," o/c, 2012